Are you leveraging new and mobile technology opportunities?

Efficiencies created by new and mobile technologies can change organizational processes and solve problems in new ways. To leverage new technology opportunities, sometimes you need to go beyond commercialized solutions and develop, customize, or integrate technology to develop your own. ARINSYS helps customers develop software and systems that manage every aspect of the enterprise, mission or campaign, from clean-sheet development to COTS and GOTS software integration to mobile application design, deployment and device management. 

We deliver services such as:

  • Business life cycle and tactical systems software development 
  • Mobile application design, development, deployment and support
  • Mobile application and device management systems

Development Built on a Solid Mission and Operational Foundation

We utilize deep customer mission and operational understanding, combined with world-class software engineering, information architecture, systems engineering, development and testing, Post Production Support Software (PPSS) and Post Deployment Software Support (PDSS) capabilities. 

Our proprietary solution provides a comprehensive set of best practices, customizable management and technical processes, procedures, and other practice aids in the areas of software and systems engineering, project management, quality assurance, configuration management, verification and validation, and quantitative management.

Customized Products at a Lower Cost

Because ARINSYS has a strong portfolio of existing software solutions, we can design, develop and deliver customized products at a lower cost by using a traditional, from-the-ground-up software development approach that builds from our portfolio knowledge. 

Value-driven Deliverables

ARINSYS has a strong track record of “fielding” solutions. We combine an excellent software engineering staff with disciplined processes, including Earned Value Management (EVM) & Agile methodologies to reduce risk for our customers.

Our philosophy and dedication enables us to deliver value-driven software solutions characterized by:

• High quality, with few defects.
• Predictable schedules and price with less re-work and more re-use.
• Qualified software engineers that possess the appropriate skill mix suited for the task.

A full arsenal of design and development tools at your command.

ARINSYS brings to bear a full range of software design, development and deployment expertise for enterprise and government customers using best-of-breed solutions and engineering excellence:

Advance your technology progress.

ARINSYS offers software design, development, implementation and integration services,such as: concept development, planning, requirements definition and analysis, systems design and development, coding and testing, production, deployment and software application maintenance, and much more.

We provide:

Integration and development: ARINSYS offers COTS and GOTS integration, plus custom software, real-time software, embedded software, firmware software application development.

Legacy system modernization: ARINSYS provides software system modernization using evolutionary or revolutionary approaches, which include COTS frameworks, SOA migration, or other techniques.

ERP integration: ARINSYS solutions cover all aspects of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) life cycle, including data engineering associated with ERP applications.


  • ARINSYS brings our application life-cycle expertise to our clients' facilities for in-house development and management of software as a major corporate or organizational asset. We focus on the ability to predict and control software quality, schedule, cost, cycle time and productivity while acquiring, building, or enhancing software systems.
  • ARINSYS’s use of Agile software development models lowers costs and cultivates higher end-user engagement and satisfaction.
  • ARINSYS offers a centralized, shared-services infrastructure to lower overall development and deployment costs.

Know that you are building exactly what you need. 

ARINSYS offers Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) services, so you can be sure you building the right systems in the right way. You will obtain this crucial information in an environment that's organizationally free from the influence, guidance and control of the development effort. Independent Verification and Validation provides an objective and evaluative view of your efforts. 

The tasks that we perform include:

  • Criticality analysis
  • Requirements analysis
  • Requirements tracing
  • Milestone reviews
  • Software design analysis
  • Metrics
  • Test witnessing
  • Test planning, execution and reporting
  • Training evaluation
  • Site acceptance testing
  • Defect investigation
  • Independent assessments
  • Code analysis
  • Document inspection

Development Lifecycle Network (DLN)

Development Lifecycle Network (DLN) is a defect tracking tool. DLN generates, tracks, and manages Change Requests (CRs), defects/enhancements and assessments all throughout the software development life-cycle. Remote locations are also supported by importing and exporting data.

The tool allows linking between multiple related CRs and tracks CR implementation wherever it occurs. DLN also includes a built-in screening approval process, tracks actions items, and features a flexible reporting- filtering capability.

Risk Identification and Mitigation Scaling (RIMS)

ARINSYS's Risk Identification and Mitigation Scaling (RIMS) process is an ARINSYS-developed solution which classifies program risk and recommends IV&V activities to reduce this risk. The risk assessment methodology is based on:

  • System Complexity
  • Required Integrity
  • Development Environment
  • Any Customer/System-unique Parameters


  • Quality assurance
  • Proper use of budgets and resources
  • Assurance of project success


  • The current ARINSYS IV&V methodology is derived from a number of industry approved concepts and standards, such as the process maturity framework developed by the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute's Software Capability Maturity Model Integration (SEI CMMI).
  • We also use our consistent, company-wide approach to planning, designing, developing, and delivering solutions, products and services to our customers.

Connect what matters most when it's needed most.

ARINSYS delivers secure, optimized, end-to-end mobile app development, testing, and deployment services. We develop for web, native and hybrid platforms on smartphones and tablets integrating geo-location and camera functionality.

ARINSYS’s mobile applications are part of a complete system that delivers a full range of functionality, including:

  • Role assignment
  • Defined access policies by role
  • Authentication
  • Security of data


  • Best practice approaches -- ARINSYS maintains a high level of participation in internal communities of practice, which share lessons learned and technical changes in vendor offerings.
  • Security and reliability.


  • ARINSYS has developed mobile applications for both public-facing and high-security environments, as well as networks that are fully connected, intermittently connected, or have critical periods where there is no external connectivity. 

Gain 24/7/365 control, convenience and productivity.

ARINSYS's mobility services provide greater security and control, while contributing to greater convenience and productivity. 

Enterprise App Store: ARINSYS’s private app store ensures the distribution of an organization's mobile applications only to authorized personnel. Administrators can establish rules for authorization by user and/or role, and an assigned set of policy restrictions.

Mobile Device Management (MDM): ARINSYS’s MDM tools help system administrators configure, manage and monitor activities for devices deployed across the organization; enabling a hard reset to custom enterprise settings (applications and protocols); remote, over-the-air updates to users; and remote data wipe or shutdown if the device is lost or compromised.

Mobile Application Management (MAM): Our MAM services provide a container application where all mobile applications will reside for secure control of  both the container and the applications within it. This allows for remote, on-command removal of the app and its data to cover lost or stolen phones, as well as separate organization and personal applications and data. 


  • ARINSYS’s application store is convenient for personnel and facilitates app submission to public app stores.
  • ARINSYS helps prepare mobile security plans and assists with needed certifications.
  • ARINSYS provides a secure Mobile platform from the ground up.


ARINSYS has implemented mobile enterprise applications using both existing web systems and dedicated servers from MEAP vendors.

Tiny Products. Huge Impact.

Applications can change the world by enabling secure, real-time and remote data transmission using a broad range of devices and operating systems under the best and worst connectivity scenarios.