Success of the organization in the unknown markets isn’t about more data. It’s about rapid insights from data.

We deploy cloud technologies, proprietary software, and big-data engineering solutions all to help you extract the most relevant information—from across the data landscape—for the greatest impact.

ARINSYS provides cost, resource, and process efficiencies through a number of solutions:

  • Applications designed to efficiently and smoothly collect, archive, display, transform, and process large structured and unstructured volumes of data.
  • Cloud-based strategies to provide access to data no matter where it resides inside or outside the organization.
  • Analytics suites that contain automated capabilities, an open architecture, and a standards-based framework necessary to support activity-based intelligence.
  • Dynamic capabilities that enable data integration from across the enterprise without the need for a lengthy and costly rigid data warehouse integration.

Info When It's Needed, at a Lower Cost.

Big data must be fast data. With real-time access to mission-critical intelligence, decision-makers can take advantage of growth opportunities, obtain valuable insights, and address issues as they occur. Investments in our big data analytics solutions leverage both emerging & stable proprietary capabilities that provide managers with a range and depth of information from across the enterprise, agency, or external sources at reduced costs and greater speed. ARINSYS’s big data engineering solutions permit data scientists to forgo the reformatting and refinement process of conventional data management and use raw data in a variety of structures from multiple internal and external sources to derive powerful, actionable insights more quickly.

Use Data from the Cloud as Performance Needs Dictate.

Cloud computing has revolutionized the management of large data sets. Big data environments rely on clusters of servers to support the tools and technologies that bring large volumes of data to life. Clouds pool server, storage, and networking resources in order to scale up or down as needed. Our cloud computing gives organizations an efficient and flexible way to access as much or as little data as necessary to accomplish tasks of all sizes from intermittent, ad-hoc analyses to advanced analytics applications.

Pool Data Assets from Across Departments or Other Agencies.

Traditional data warehousing practices are fraught with limitations, such as their inflexibility to handle new data or new analysis needs, or their lengthy time-to-value and the associated costs. A new information architecture makes use of metadata, data virtualization, and distributed processing to enable automated enterprise analytics. With ARINSYS’s logical data warehousing approach, even siloed data can be shared across departments or agencies, delivering maximum value to the organization and unlocking the potential of big data.

Big Data Solutions for Real-World Challenges

ARINSYS has developed a wide range of products and services that address the most perplexing problems in small and large enterprise and leverage the company’s heritage, talent, and expertise in data engineering, analysis, cloud technologies, and proprietary software environments.

When daily operational data is your company’s lifeblood, trust ARINSYS to manage it.

ARINSYS builds data systems that cover the full data-processing lifecycle, from raw data to phenomenology. Activities run the full spectrum from developing data production requirements to the design, development, testing, and operation of the systems. We provide operational data processing and archiving support to both enterprise customers and growing business.

ARINSYS offers the operational data-processing experience that you require to help you compete on a global scale. We develop, integrate, and test software systems for the operational and real-time use in an enterprise setting.


  • Incorporate business and mission intelligence into operational decision-making processes to optimize your organization’s performance.
  • Capture and respond to operational data more quickly to increase your advantage.


  • Expertise in reengineering, data services, relational database design and integration, and distributed systems.
  • Leadership in the development of data systems that support global change monitoring and meteorological research.

Make your decisions better, faster, and smarter with ARINSYS’s data warehousing strategies.

ARINSYS’s data access layer allows you perform analytics across multiple data silos, without having to integrate the data into one monolithic platform. Historically, this has been a costly, time-consuming process that could take years to yield results and also cannot be easily changed whenever new data sources are added or new analytics are needed.

Our approach to data warehousing provides access to data assets from flat files, data marts, data warehouses, or external data sources that you may not own or control to advance your real-time decision-making processes.


  • Add big data capabilities incrementally.
  • Reuse rather than replace existing assets.
  • Maintain analytics capabilities for users while underlying systems are modernized.
  • Adjust query capability—known as schema-on-read—dynamically as needs change.

Turn widespread data assets into tangible benefits to your enterprise.

It is critical to know what data assets you have, where they are, their collection history, and what the data elements mean. Only with an enterprisewide view of your data can you derive enterprisewise benefits.


  • Gain the ability to use data across the enterprise.
  • Standardize processes for data retention and data quality.
  • Create an enterprisewide governance strategy.


  • Expertise in enterprise architecture that enables the use of data across the enterprise
  • Expertise in semantic data description and data dictionaries
  • Created a data stewardship program
  • Designed a content governance process
  • Identifyed and documented data quality issues

Reduce logistics costs and optimize customer outcomes.

Logistics information systems and related technologies play an essential role in reducing costs and optimizing the performance of the logistics enterprise. Our technology solutions enable efficient management and support of platform or system fleets by simultaneously tracking location, configuration, and condition. Our enterprise distribution and asset visibility solutions optimally trade inventory and transportation costs to get the right parts to the right place at the right time.

A sampling of our offerings includes: total asset visibility and management; enterprise data integration and management; demand forecasting and inventory optimization; automatic identification technology and data capture; logistics systems development, deployment, and sustainment; and data analytics, predictive modeling, and decision support.

Bring the power of your entire enterprise data together.

With ever-shrinking budgets and ever-growing demands for data visualization and analytics, ARINSYS provides you with a big data platform that allows for rapid enterprise-wide analytics across disparate data silos. You can incrementally add big data capabilities to your current analytics infrastructure and quickly gain actionable insight. The Logical Data Analytics Solutions (LDAS) leverages state-of-the-art data science technologies with scalability to handle the volume and variety of big data. LDAS provides enterprise or inter-enterprise analytics with lower cost and more rapid time to value.


  • Rapid time to value through dynamic integration across existing sources
  • Enterprise analytics without the expense of a new enterprise data warehouse by leveraging existing storage repositories
  • Can be deployed on commodity boxes using data center or cloud
  • Near-linear scalability
  • Dynamically encompasses sources outside the agency
  • Flexibility in doing new types of discovery analytics
  • Open-source ochestration avoids costly licensing feeds to do more with less
  • Automated data integration and long-term stewardship and visibility into all data assets provides for scalable semantic metadata layer
  • Data-layer security assurance
  • Flexibiilty to span hybrid environments


  • Our credentials and expertise with big data enables your analysts to focus on analyzing enterprise data, rather than spending time hunting, copying, and managing data.
  • We use a proprietary process to pull data dynamically from sources or stage data in repository for better performance.
  • Built-in elements for analytic flexibility and scalability.
  • Easy use for browsing, visual exploration, retrieval, and analysis.